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Men roles in #Noshave November: International Mens Day 2021

Value the men around you : International Men's Day 2021

Till now you might have come across one or two posts related to #No-Shave November. But this is a globally observed cancer awareness campaign. The No-Shave November campaign is to raise awareness around the hair for cancer patients who lose their hair. Let’s trace some history. No-Shave November, first started in Australia in 2003. No-shave November is the name…

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India: Women more vulnerable than girls, feminist lies exposed after NCRB data for ‘Crime Against Women’

Feminist lies of underreported cases exposed in NCRB Crime against women data

NCRB data for ‘Crime Against Women’ is exposing feminist lies and it is taking us even more closer to the argument of abuse of ‘process of law’. Male rights activists are constantly raising their voice against the misuse of the process of law made to protect women from harassment, through which men are being harassed by falsely accusing them….

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One man commits suicide every 5 minutes, NCRB suicide data 2020 indicates more men committing suicide in family problem

Male suicide in family problem as per NCRB Suicide data 2020

According to NCRB data, every 5 minutes one man is committing suicide and every third suicide is due to ‘family problem’. There has been a significant increase in suicide among men during the decade (2010-2020) revealed in the NCRB Suicide data 2020. NCRB recorded 87180 suicide among men in year 2010 and 108532 in year 2020. The NCRB data…

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