Men Helpline Organisation condemned NCW for removing its poll on Twitter

NCW removed the Poll over Violence on men and women

National Commission for Women (NCW) removed its own poll on ‘violence against men and women’. Men Helpline Organisation condemned NCW for removing its poll on Twitter. On 22nd May 2020, NCW started a poll on twitter on the subject of “Who is usually at risk of harassment”, and then the NCW removed the poll in next few hours, because…

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Men Helpline Org condemned the irresponsible behavior of DCW and Delhi Police in the “Bois Lock Room” Controversy

Representational Image of Bios Locker Room Controversy

We condemned the role of Delhi Police and Delhi Commission of Women (DCW) which is totally irresponsible in the “Bois Lock Room” Controversy. They in hurry detained the admin of the group, who is a juvenile, while a sensitive approach was expected. This incident came in light when next week it is the “World Day of The Boy Child”…

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Domestic Violence on Males in India is Ignored : Men Helpline Article

Male Domestic Abuse Ignored

Indian law makers do not see Domestic Violence (DV) with Male, they believe that women are the only victims of domestic violence as they are weaker section of society. Here we must discuss, “weaker section”. What is “weaker section”? Is this about the physical, mental or economical strength. So yes, this is about all. The same law maker never…

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IPC498a and Domestic Violence laws are made to break families – Men Helpline Article

False Case on Male Breaking Families

Under IPC498a the husband treated guilty as soon as he is slapped with Dowry Harassment charges by his wife. It is important to understand that even in murder case, “accused is treated not guilty until proven guilty”. According to Article 14 of Constitution of India, “every one should be equal before law”. But we see gross violation of Article…

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Our Demand for Police and Judiciary Reform to Deal with the Family Dispute in India – MenHelpline Org Article

Need of Police Reform in India

We strongly need reforms in Judiciary as well as in the process of investigation. The husband and keens treated badly by the investigation agencies, even the agencies playing with the process of law. The other perspective cannot be denied that, the person who is doing investigation has to report in court, has to visit crime scene, patrolling, arresting and…

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