Marriage becoming a life destroying opportunity for men – marital rape

Marriage a life destroying opportunity for men - marital rape

Press Release

The marital rape application which is pending at Delhi High Court making every effort to term the sexual intercourse between husband and wife as illegal?

The marital rape is the matter of transformation in the society and the rigid roles of husband and wife has to take a move, but certainly not a matter of criminalizing it. We are in 2022th the socio-economic setup & the traditions has changed.

Various rights like the right to life and dignity, the right to privacy, the right to freedom and the right against discrimination exists for both men and women, but the Marital Rape petition has been filed taking a view that these all rights are property of women.

If a men slapped with Rape like heinous cases, he will never get a job due to societal mindset. Considering the misuse of process of law at highest side in family dispute, the law will become a Men Destroying opportunity.

It is erroneous belief in the said petition, justifying rape in marriage based on a misconception, that the institution of marriage itself is originally founded on male supremacy over a woman’s body, which gives a man the right to assault his wife (spouse) as a corrective practice. The truth is that, marriage is a 7-birth bond, which is established based on belief and a small string can break the belief so the marriage institutions and the other aspect is that Patriarchy is just a myth. If the law has to come in the pressure of feminist arguments, then there should be provisions of automatic divorce and end the ways of mediation.

What are the way around:

This need to take care in various phases as:

  • Sensitization (Awareness in society)
  • Transformation in marriage system
  • Reform in consensual sex (Awakening the respect of consent in couples)