Men Helpline demands for independent enquiry in Chandigarh University video case

Chandigarh University Video Case - demand for Independent Enquiry by Retired Judge

In the matter Police has hurrily taken action against the boy which was named by the accused girl. Since she has been caught red handed, her statement against the Shimla boy should not have been acceptable blindly and the boy should not have been arrested without investigation.

The agencies seem to have arrested the boy to hide their failure. These agencies have failed to find out how the video leaked and where it has spreaded which can be removed. We see a need on independent enquiry in the matter for the great interest of Justice and the victims pain.

In the case, it seems that the police has not only arrested the boy in haste, but is also in a hurry to give clean chit to the accused in the case.

We observed 2 major concern in the matter:

  • all the hostel girls are in fear of video being not removed from all sources;
  • police arrested the boy without evidence, just on the statement of the accused girl;
  • police denied, while accused girl has accepted her crime;

Dear Families You are not alone, we are all with you, and fight until the last video is removed”, message for victims and family by Men Helpline.

In the said incident, both boy and girl students of the Chandigarh University held protest in the campus after videos of several female students taking baths were allegedly leaked. Protesters claimed that some of the affected students attempted suicide following the incident.

In the matter, a hostel girl who was studying MBA, has been accused of recording mms of other hostel mates and made approximately 60 MMS as students are claiming over social media. The police have also register an FIR under IPC section 354-C (voyeurism) and the IT Act in the matter and the female student has been arrested.

However, state government and police officials’ versions are much different than university students’.

In the matter, Himachal police in rush, have detained a boy who was named by the accused girl.
Although the girl’s version in many videos is that,

  • she made the video of hostel girls;
  • she didn’t know the boy personally;
  • she didn’t even have a clear photograph of the boy;
  • and she didn’t even know the boy’s name;


The accused girl is pursuing MBA, and she says that she shared the video on the demand of a boy she does not even know and the agency believing the girl statements and also takes action over her statement. So if the girl can make video of 60 girls on mere demand, here I want to ask the police officers that are you dealing with child or child mind or you forget the basic concept of investigation?

Mr. Kumar S. Ratan, Founder of Men Helpline, demand a special and independent investigation under the supervision of a retired judge, as it seems that the police are suppressing the facts of the matter and showing unprofessional behavior. We also demand to delete the leaked video from all of the sources as these are matter of life and death just not for the girl but their families as well.

Question Arise:

Why has the Mohali Police arrested the girl and the boy, as claimed by the Mohali Police, they have not found any other video in the mobile of the accused girl, and they have found only one video of the accused girl which she has shared with Shimla boy. Sharing personal stuff is not crime, then how arrest was required?