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Arnesh Kumar Vs State Of Bihar case, A Milestone over misuse of IPC Section 498A and arrest

Arnesh Kumar VS State of Bihar, A milestone judgement

Arnesh Kumar case, a milestone due to various observations and guidelines issued by the Supreme Court over misuse of IPC Section 498A and arrest. Importantly it focused on the process and the justification for arrest and the need to stop automatic arrest. The bench in the matter observed the ‘IPC Section 498A as weapon rather than the shield.’ “The…

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Our Demand for Police and Judiciary Reform to Deal with the Family Dispute in India – MenHelpline Org Article

Need of Police Reform in India

We strongly need reforms in Judiciary as well as in the process of investigation. The husband and keens treated badly by the investigation agencies, even the agencies playing with the process of law. The other perspective cannot be denied that, the person who is doing investigation has to report in court, has to visit crime scene, patrolling, arresting and…

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